Wednesday, April 14, 2010

homecoming haha

well we are here. and lets just say hamlet-town didnt exactly welcome us back with the warm embrace i was hoping for. no, hamletownsville screamed real obscenities, kicked with shit-covered boots, and sicked her new boyfriend from las vegas on us. who then released the dogs. who then pissed all over our new town home carpet. needless to say, there were 10 minutes there where i was ready to be institutionalized. fortunately my husband knew how to handle the situation and quickly handed me a glass of red wine. it was actually a plastic cup of red wine since we were still in the holiday inn express suite. that was before we got busted for harboring an illegal feline. we were then moved down to the pet approved 2nd floor un-suite. anyway. we found a place to live and are living in it more or less but still havent unpacked because for several reasons, im not sure if we are staying here. reason one being that this place smells like a wet doggy zoo. that is built next to an open sewer. whatever. we have a pretty decent kitchen and an enclosed cement rectangle back "yard" to scrape our hands and knees on and call our own, for as long as we can pay the rent...

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