Wednesday, April 14, 2010

homecoming haha

well we are here. and lets just say hamlet-town didnt exactly welcome us back with the warm embrace i was hoping for. no, hamletownsville screamed real obscenities, kicked with shit-covered boots, and sicked her new boyfriend from las vegas on us. who then released the dogs. who then pissed all over our new town home carpet. needless to say, there were 10 minutes there where i was ready to be institutionalized. fortunately my husband knew how to handle the situation and quickly handed me a glass of red wine. it was actually a plastic cup of red wine since we were still in the holiday inn express suite. that was before we got busted for harboring an illegal feline. we were then moved down to the pet approved 2nd floor un-suite. anyway. we found a place to live and are living in it more or less but still havent unpacked because for several reasons, im not sure if we are staying here. reason one being that this place smells like a wet doggy zoo. that is built next to an open sewer. whatever. we have a pretty decent kitchen and an enclosed cement rectangle back "yard" to scrape our hands and knees on and call our own, for as long as we can pay the rent...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

powering off

today we return the cable modem, and so will be off the grid until we find a new place. yikes. i have more to do today than i want to think about. but this time tomorrow i will be in the air, with a restless 14 1/2 month old on my lap asking are we there yet, are we there yet are we there yet. that will be me doing all the asking--bagel bear cant really speak english. speaking of, he's up from his nap, so let the final lap begin...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

the impending return to sowut

yes dear lost ethernet readers. i have been absent i see since december of 2008. and what pray tell could be my excuse for such abandonment? well, i had that baby. and let me tell you: babies sure are a lot of work. even just one little one. so ive been a little busy tending to that. and also we all moved out of sowut to memphis, tn. and i just couldnt come up with a new name for a new geographically name based blog: midso, sowetn. ? i disliked them all as much as i disliked this new horridly humid crime ridden area. actually, we are out in the less crime ridden, but equally humid suburbs of memphis. but for only 12 more days!! and on that friday 12 days from today, i will land in vegas with a smile and drive the 3 hours back to our old little hamlet town. back to clean air and those gosh darn son of a biscuit mormons--yeay! but for now, ive got some packing to do...

Friday, December 19, 2008

elfin massacre

this morning i woke to the following crime scene:

the victim:

the suspect:

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

baked with hate

ok. thats a little extreme. not hate exactly but...resent? minor annoyance? aggrievance? (what a great word). more like: these better be fucking appreciated. what am i talking about? my self imposed tradition of holiday cookie baking...thats what im talking about. anyway its taking way too long this year. and im way behind and nobody is going to get them by xmas and are they even worth it? when all is packed and paid and shipped and broken into little stale cookie bits? and i can hear the complaints already: no white chocolate chip macadamia nuts? (no dad, nobody else likes those. especially me) but im allergic to walnuts (actually no walnuts were used this year lee. serious) these chocolate chip cookies are too flat (yes, yes they are. i failed to adjust for altitude this year. sorry). what the fuck are these? (oh--biggest mistake of the season: 7 layer "magic bars". sucky mess. will not repeat ever)... ugh. im 9 months pregnant here people give me a break. oh speaking of pregnant. last night i had heart burn so bad i woke up coughing and choking i went into the bathroom and coughed so hard i threw up into the sink. serves me right tho. i ate half a calzone for dinner at like 7:30-8pm. half a calzone with pepperoni sausage mushrooms onions jalopenos and pineapple. see i discovered the secret to sleeping is to have "dinner" at around 4. and then maybe a little snack at night of yogurt or something. but god i love pepperoni. well, i gotta go dip shortbread in chocolate....with love with love

Friday, December 12, 2008


hello computer. and computer people. well, wednesday was the end of what will be my last semester for a long while. and as usual i had the end of the semester crash--what now? oh yeah, wash all those baby clothes with dreft, and read about attachment parenting and breastfeeding...
i am alone again, since the saturday after thanksgiving. god, tomorrow makes two weeks. the husband is training in minneapolis for his new airline job. with the economy as is, we decided it was more important for him to take the job, even if it meant leaving me alone in my ninth month of pregnancy...some of that sentence needs to be in all caps im sure. part of me is all boo hoo poor me, and part of me is all woo hoo yippee. its kind of nice to have some alone time. like this will be it for a while im sure.
oh it looks like were moving to memphis...choices being memphis or detroit. minneapolis wasnt offered, and it was the one we were hoping for. anyone out there care to weigh in on memphis/detroit?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

what pregnant looks like

this photo was taken a week and a half ago. so add a bit more on there.